Top Novice Teacher Concerns

As supported by Research

  • Classroom Management

  • Curriculum, Instructional Delivery (Pedagogy), and Assessments

  • Support environments lacking specific, targeted PD and consistent, meaningful feedback during the implementation process.

Our Mission.

Impact is a learning institute that designs, develops, and uses research-based content to provide high quality professional development for novice teachers and leaders.


Increase and retain novice teachers and leaders through high quality professional learning.

Our Core Beliefs.


The highest daily IMPACT on student achievement is a quality teacher. Unfortunately, our nation is facing a crisis reflected in at least 389,000 fewer K-12 teachers. With these deficits, our systems are forced to place teachers in positions, sometimes without the necessary tools and resources needed to be successful. IMPACT Teaching Training and Leadership Development is a company with a passion and determination to help NEW TEACHERS (years 0-3) by providing them resources needed to become grounded and comfortable with the art of teaching. Our goal is to keep qualified teachers in the classroom by offering predesigned and custom professional development, along with 3-tiered coaching.
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What We Offer.

Onsite Coaching.

Our "3-Tier IMPACT" onsite coaching is inclusive of the practitioners who actually use the strategies, our teachers. All observations are videoed to allow teachers an opportunity to see themselves in action, and expedite the growth process! We then follow our coaching by ensuring sustainability methods are shared with campus instructional teams at the conclusion of each visit.

Online Coaching.

"3-Tier IMPACT" online coaching works slightly different, and is a bit more intimate. Each teacher is assigned a master teacher according to their content area. This allows for both pedagogical and content specific guidance. All teachers receive the same observation and feedback, but in modules and based on school and teacher need or preference. Our predesigned modules are below:


Beginning of Year Prep
(4 Weeks)

  • Parent Engagement & Communication
  • LP Design
  • Expectations
  • Data/Test Prep

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(8-12 Weeks)

  • Classroom Management
  • Instructional Delivery
  • Pacing
  • Engagement

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(8-12 Weeks)

  • Check for Understanding
  • Engagement
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Questioning

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You can also build your own module based on the needs of your campus!

New Teacher.

We offer professional development specific to the needs of new teacher concerns, as supported by research. New teacher PD is both predesigned as well as custom designed to accommodate campus needs.  Our predesigned offerings include:

Data Works.

Increased Focus 4 Increased Results- While working on transformational instructional teams, I saw it became increasingly difficult for new teachers to manage their learning curve, while also managing their data.  This training compacts 12 years of turnaround services into a comprehensive professional development that models how to effectively collect and use data, structure the classroom management for instructional strategies, and create targeted intervention for students!



Tier I Ready.

Guide to Effective Tier I Instruction - Have you ever longed to have a training that will unpack everything a new teacher needs to know?  Do you have a teacher that may have missed the components needed for successful planning? Have you ever expressed Tier I Instruction as a “Big Rock” for your campus vision, but few teachers really understand what Tier I Instruction really is?  TIER I READY is a comprehensive interactive training that carefully walks a teacher through how to intentionally plan for student success. We explain it’s purpose, target instruction level (80%), and model research-based strategies to be used during delivery.

New Teacher Suite.

Tools, tools, and more tools! Please take some time to enjoy some of the free handouts on this page. Don’t see anything that can help you? Want something designed just for you? Send us feedback and we will design it and post it for you!
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Dr. Deidrea Stevens.

Dr. Deidrea Stevens

Who am I?  I know this section is usually written in third person, but I want to make sure you hear my heart and passion for IMPACT.  I am an educator of over 20 years, and have served the public school system in varied capacities (teachers, transformational coach, assistant principal, and principal).  If you were to speak to my colleagues and teachers about me, they would describe me as fun loving, innovative, before my time, and an extremely hard worker. I got my very first start as an educator in Craven County Public Schools, New Bern, North Carolina, but earned my stripes as a turnaround specialist in Durham Public Schools, Durham, North Carolina.  I was then given room to conduct more research and practice in Fort Worth ISD, Cedar Hill ISD, and other Texas districts. When I reflect on these assignments, I am so thankful to be able to have enjoyed platforms surrounded by experienced professionals who allowed me time to learn how to perfect my craft. It was in those districts I learned relationships are key, and the foundation for transforming schools.  I also learned the term “transformational schools” doesn’t just apply to those schools labeled as “low performing”. Essentially, all schools have areas that require transformation.    

I started IMPACT in response to a growing concern I had regarding new teacher preparation.  As a school administrator, I found, even though teachers successfully completed their preparation programs, they were still missing the art of teaching.  I also noticed as a principal, ALL new teachers were my responsibility.  With the growing number of responsibilities as a principal, it was impossible to ensure they received the assistance and attention they needed.  New teachers needed something specifically for them, without having to worry about inconveniencing their more experienced peers. They needed the same time that was given to me to perfect their craft – to learn the art of teaching their content.   And one day, I decided IMPACT would be the answer to these concerns by becoming a hub of resources and learning experiences for new teachers!  

I implore you to partner with me to make an IMPACT in your school or district!