IMPACT WEBINAR: Time Efficient Lesson Plan Review & Feedback

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School administrators hate reading them and most teachers hate creating them! This is mainly due to some practitioners buying into the mindset saying lesson plans have minimal to no value in the learning process. But that’s not true! Research speaks to effective lesson planning as being a characteristic of effective teachers. Even more, lesson planning review and feedback serves as … Read More

Pacing Wheel (Blank)

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Use the Pacing Wheel to create estimated times to assist in planning and delivering instruction for your class. We have inserted the bell ringer, check for understandings, and the exit ticket components with their times on the pacing wheel for your convenience. These components should be standard in every lesson. Depending on the time allotted for the class, feel free … Read More

Automated LP Feedback

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MAKE A COPY OF THIS DOCUMENT.  Sometimes providing feedback to teachers can become cumbersome.  This tool allows you to automate the system so the teacher receives an email upon completion along with the ability to schedule your next feedback meeting.  For automation directions, please review the directions for the Automated Walkthroughs. Download Here Directions for Sample Walkthrough Form

Sample Automated Walkthrough Form

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MAKE A COPY OF THE DOCUMENT PROVIDED!  The walkthrough form provided allows you to document observe classrooms based on three focus areas: Learners & Relevance Instruction & Rigor Environment & Culture All components are optional with a portion dedicated to notes/key findings, ability to upload proof in any form (e.g. document, video, picture, etc.), and the ability to schedule your feedback … Read More

Sample Discipline Referral Download

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MAKE A COPY OF THE DOCUMENT PROVIDED!  This was designed for schools who do not have an automated discipline referral process.  The referral is automated and includes directions so teachers can submit and receive a response from the assigned administrator.  It also includes a redirection if the parent contact has not been submitted. Sample Discipline Referral Link Directions for Sample … Read More

The Time Wizard: 4 Ways School Administrators Can Master Their Time

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No matter the state, district, or school, engaging conversation with instructional leaders always return to a comparison of their time versus their assigned duties and responsibilities. With every arrival, every class change, every meeting, or every dismissal, our main goal is to get to the end of the day productively, efficiently, and safely. Unfortunately, the day doesn’t always end productively and/or … Read More