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Investing in the training and development of your people is the key to building a strong company or organization.

Our Core Beliefs.


Increase your bottom line through training and development! As a company founded by an educator who understand the brain, learning process, and need for expedited productivity, no one understands the importance of training and developing employees more. IMPACT understands the foundation of exceptionally innovative companies is their ability to leverage productivity by establishing a culture of learning. We use your culture to create customized professional learning experiences for your employees. Our consultants specialize in collaborative team development, differentiated leadership training, and millennial management.

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What We Offer.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
John F. Kennedy

Collaborative Team Development.

High functioning teams are the jewel of any productive organization. But effective teams are not born, THEY ARE MADE! Productive teams are composed of shared leadership, trust, established norms and expectations, and are effective in resolving conflict. Missing something? Use our consultants to assess your team's status, and create and execute a team growth plan revealing the team's productive strengths for company effectiveness and increased productivity.


Differentiated Leadership Training.

With 55% of organizations expressing a challenge in attracting and retaining talent, it is imperative companies invest in creating an authentic source of leadership succession. Chick Fil A has one of the best employee retention ratings in the country. Their secret is their commitment to training everyone to be leaders. One of the most important leadership traits is being able to differentiate your leadership in an effort to bring out the best of your employees. In the world of learning and leading, one size NEVER fits all.
When working with students, educators are trained to be able to identify students’ unique talents and learning abilities in an effort to provide the best and most effective learning experience. In leadership, the same rules apply. All employees can’t be treated the same. But how do you as one leader adjust to the many diverse personalities of your teammates or colleagues? Do you treat the innovator the say way you treat the rule follower? Do you provide the timid, shy slow developing leader the same way your treat the trailblazer of the team? IMPACT’s differentiated leadership training will equip leaders with the questions they should ask employees to gain information that will leverage company increased productivity. We will show you employee learning and personality styles that will assist you in positioning your team for success.

Millennial Management.

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce (PEW Research, 2018). They are fierce, innovative, ambitious, and achievement oriented...but what is the most effective and productive way to lead them? Millennial Hacks is a training that will enlighten leaders on millennial differences that make them amazing, productive employees.


The Leaders Vault.

Let’s load you up with “secrets of the trade” and resources as you continue your journey of leadership. Enjoy blogs and useful research that will assist in helping you position yourself to become a better leader.
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The IMPACT Corporate Solutions Guarantee!

We guarantee:

  • A relationships-based approach to leadership that increases employee retention and loyalty.
  • Not just resources! But a step-by-step guide to achieve customized client goals.
  • Quality training and development workshops infused with higher level thinking and engagement that promotes innovation, application, and increased leadership capacity.

Our CEO.

Dr. Deidrea Stevens

Who am I?  I know this section is usually written in third person, but I want to make sure you hear my heart and passion for IMPACT.  I worked to lead teams composed of anywhere between 5 – over 200 employees to produce an intangible product – demonstration of knowledge.  I committed to one of the hardest items to produce for over 20 years as I devoted my time and life to school districts. One thing is for sure, I learned that leadership begins with the same ingredient no matter your industry, knowing those that work with you.  That knowledge alone has assisted me in creating some powerful and very successful teams. Characteristics of my teams include collaboration, confidence in themselves and their team, and an undying passion to work for me no matter my location.  

Now, I have the privilege and honor to work with others, and share with them gems I acquired while trying to become a great leader.  I often share with my mentees, “I was a horrible leader, before I was a great leader.” It may seem a bit too genuine. However, it is my way of remaining humble in this never ending journey of leadership.  It is also my way of letting my mentees and teams know, if you are not as successful with people as you want to be…you can change. You can still make an IMPACT!

I started IMPACT in response to a growing concern I had regarding leaders secretly living with an assumed expectation that says, “Congratulations!  You finally have the position, so we know you already know what to do!” IMPACT is a company available to provide leadership, mentoring, and coaching for those who aspire to be in leadership, or are already in leadership, but have not acquired the art (know how) of leadership.  We desire to provide leadership strategies that leads to productivity, success, and job satisfaction.